1. Fragments

From the recording Fragments

"Not for five minutes will I be distracted from the wonder." [Walker Percy]


I’m sleeping underneath the evening skyI’m dreaming of a place far from nowImagining you, right here by my sideNot taking time to wonder why or how And up above, the stars are shining throughLighting up a dark and ghostly screenBut you don’t see them quite the way I doYou’re looking at the spaces in between Are we just a simulationOf someone else’s meditationFragments of a deeper situation?
And somewhere up there, I can almost seeA place just like the one under my feetWith someone just like you, and just like meWalking down an unfamiliar street In a place that died ten million years agoAn ancient galaxy without a nameI take a look at you, and I knowThe distance is exactly the same Are we just an improvisation?A divine hallucination?Fragments in eternal acceleration?
And then the dream awoke and I was hereAlone again and looking at the skyThe separation is all too clear And so we send our rockets way up high
But it’s all the same creationEndless informationFragments with an unknown destination
I’m sleeping underneath the evening sky…