From the recording Going Somewhere

A manifesto.  Features Robert Mercurio and Jeff Raines of the great New Orleans band Galactic.


Baby, look at meAnd tell me what do you see?This is my Chapter OneLet me tell you that I’ve just begun
And I can see my destinyI see it sitting over thereDon’t you worry about a thingJust get on up here And hold on tight girl… Now we’re going somewhere
You’re my desert flowerAnd I’m your man of the hourNow let’s be clearI ain’t gonna disappear
And I can see it allJust hanging in the airLook in that crystal ball, and tell me, y’all, is it clear?Full speed ahead now… aren’t we going somewhere?
Nobody is who they say they areThe image in the mirror is way behind the carThese are the times that untie men's shoes, make you trip and fallAnd I don’t have an answer at all
I love you girlDon’t you know you’re my entire worldSo take my handWe’ll fly off to that promised land
And we’ll be happy ever afterUp in that castle in the airWe won’t remember yesterday and we won’t even careHere’s to us, girlWe’re really going somewhere