1. Jailbird

From the recording Jailbird

This song is about a guy who is not going anywhere, anytime soon.


Sittin’ here in my pajamas, wishin’ I could see my mamaCounting moments ‘til the morning lightJust a jailbird… giving up without a fight Ain’t had a drink in thirty years, sure would help to ease my fearsBut there ain’t no wine here to be foundJust a jailbird… crying without a sound They all say that I am less than nothingIf they say anything at allThey tuck me into this dark cornerFar behind these lonely walls But I ain’t bitching, I ain’t moaning, I’m well aware of the guilt I’m owningWish that I could wash it all awayJust a jailbird… lasting through another day Sometimes I catch a flash of daylightRight outside this window's iron barsBut it never lasts, it always slips awayAnd flies off, way off up to the stars So I’m sleeping in this rotten bed, hoping that I’ll soon be deadBut feeling like that death I’ll never seeJust a jailbird… dreaming of the day I’m free Just a jailbird… life’s gonna be the death of me Jailbird dying in the dead of night