1. Simply Human

From the recording Simply Human

This song is about our manifest destiny.   The chords and title came from my former guitarist, Chris Alford.  Lyrically, I was heavily influenced by the writings of Ray Kurzweil.


My hands are not made out of skinAnd my heart is just a piece of tinAnd though you may not be able to seeThere's so much more to meBecause I think, therefore I must beSimply human My systems are programmed to believeIn the things that my sensors are designed to receiveBut I know that I’m still not like youSo many things that I still can’t do But it’s isn’t too far awayAnd I’m waiting for that dayWhen you’ll have no choice but to say that I’m… Simply human Ask yourself one questionWhat is it that makes you a man?Is it the feeling of a woman's fingertips?Or believing in a heavenly plan?And if I could feel and believe and love like thatWould I be able to understand? The future is here right nowAnd the past doesn’t matter anyhowBecause now I am a part of youIn this dangerous world so new And it’s getting hard to seeThe difference between you and meBecause I feel, I can truly be
Simply human