1. Float

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Lyrics (see below) and music by Scott Albert Johnson.
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Scott Albert Johnson.
All instruments played, sung, programmed, and/or arranged by SAJ EXCEPT rhythm guitars and outro guitar solo by Kevin Sibley.

Mastered by Jeffrey Reed, Taproot Audio Design - http://taprootaudiodesign.com/
Cover artwork by Sarah Gerrets - https://gerretss.wixsite.com/illustra... - https://www.instagram.com/sarahs_arti...
Video production by Paul "Alfie" Garcia: https://www.instagram.com/el_balcon_d...
Additional videography by Charlie Johnson
Video production assistant: Benjamin Johnson
Thanks to Chalmers Davis, Kenny Graeber, David Watkins, Jeremy Amen, Tracy Fort, and David Pigott.
Special thanks to all of my family and friends for your support over the years... especially my wife, Susan Margaret Barrett... my Dad, Al Johnson, and my in-laws: Margaret Barrett-Simon, Ed and Lorre Barrett, and my many sisters-in-law.
In memory of my Mom, Barbara Johnson, who taught me how to "hold on"... and my stepfather-in-law Al Simon, who taught everyone "to remember how to feel."
Dedicated to Charlie, Benjamin, and Lily Margaret. I hope we can leave you a brighter future "back down" here.

Stranger times I have not seen
Think you know just what I mean
Something's missing from this present day
Someone's taken everything away
I can't seem to tell a friend from foe
Not so sure that I really want to know
What’s coming around the corner, tell me please
Help me fly away from this disease

And then I’ll float above it all
All the evil big and small
I’ll float towards the light
And sail right out of the night

Now here I am, a million miles away
How I got here, I couldn’t say
No fear, no hate to throttle my affection
No plague to give my soul infection
No lies to tell me what is real
No conspiracies to teach me what to feel
Nothing here to make me give a damn
Nobody to remind me who I am

But you could float up here with me
Across infinity
And we'll rise above the sadness
We’ll escape from all the madness

But that’s not the way it works, I know
To disappear is not the way to go
And now you say it’s time to come back down
Time to face the demons and the clowns

But one day we’ll float away
Far from these hollow days
We’ll hold on to all that’s real
And we’ll remember how to feel
In a place that’s clear and bright
Where we’ll sleep right through the night
And as we wish upon a star
We’ll discover who we are